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Need to expedite Infrastructure Projects in Cochin



The Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry is of the firm view that the time has come for proactive action to be taken to ensure that all the pending infrastructure projects relating to the city are fast tracked and implemented at the earliest.


At a time when Cochin city is witnessing huge traffic jams on a daily basis due to the various infrastructure works being carried out around the city, the insufficient roads and the increasing number of vehicles, it is disheartening to see that there seems to be no urgency on the part of the authorities concerned to expedite some of the infrastructure projects that have been in the pipeline for several years now. The Cochin Chamber is deeply concerned about the way things are progressing and urges the Government to initiate immediate steps to remedy the situation by giving the go ahead for all pending infrastructure projects without further delay.


The Chamber is concerned to understand that the Railway Overbridge at Vathuruthy is still awaiting clearance. We have in the past made representations in this regard to ensure that the traffic movement to the West Kochi area would be streamlined. The daily congestion on the Atlantis-Panampilly Nagar road is a nightmare for motorists opting to use that road to move towards Kadavanthra and beyond. The narrow road combined with the frequent closing of the railway crossing leaves people stranded several times a day. Similarly, the project to widen the road between Thammanam & Pullepadi which was approved long ago remains unfinished and has been pending for several years now. The work needs to be completed on a war footing.


It is high time that concerted efforts are made by all concerned to tackle these three bottlenecks.


We request the State Government and the local authorities to work together to ensure that these projects are implemented at the earliest.