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Workshop on Challenge the Status Quo




9 am - 5 pm


Park Central Hotel, Kaloor. Ernakulam


The Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized an interactive Workshop on ‘Challenging the Status Quo’ on Friday, 20th September 2019 at Hotel Park Central, Kaloor.


The Workshop was designed to empower the participants to dispense with constraints and generate original and innovative solutions. Cmdr. S Sreeram and Cdr. Ninad Phatarphekar, Founders of Transformavens Training & Consulting LLP, Mumbai were the Speakers at the Workshop.


Mr. Manu Varghese, Deputy Secretary of the Chamber delivered the Welcome Address.


The Workshop started with an overview of the term ‘status quo’, the importance of challenging it to excel in business thereby emerging as a dark horse in the race for success. Mr. Phatarphekar said that ‘status quo’ is based on the psychological principle that people like what is familiar and safe instead of what is new and dangerous.


The reality in business is that doing nothing could be more disastrous than trying something new. Competitors’ products and tactics change, customers wants and needs change and Companies who maintain status quo fall behind. Mr. Phatarphekar presented the examples of Companies who failed to cope with the changes and the successful ones who made a smooth transition by embracing the change in circumstances around them.


The second half of the Session covered the concepts of the comfort zone and the problems that come with it. Mr. Sreeram said that the fear of discomfort of stepping outside the current circumstances is greater than the discontent one feels about his/her current situation. He also highlighted the fact that this attitude restricts people from growing, from trying new things and conditions one to settle.


Mr. Sreeram said that with the right effort and patience, it’s easy to develop the habit of stepping outside the comfort zone despite the power it holds. He gave the participants some pointers on how to beat the fear that holds one back ……. like getting uncomfortable, embracing the constraints and divergent thinking.


The Workshop also had different activities which helped the participants to step out of their comfort zone and to think outside the box.


Mr. Antony Joseph, Managing Director, AQA Quality Management Systems presented Mementos to the Speakers.


Mr. Eapen Kalapurakal, Secretary of the Chamber, handed over certificates to the participants.


Mr. Thomas Sebastian, Deputy Secretary of the Chamber proposed the Vote of Thanks.