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1st Breakfast Meeting - The Magic of Innovation - Powerful Impact on Society




8 am - 10 am


Hotel Taj Gateway, Marine Drive, Ernakulam

The Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry inaugurated the 4th edition of its CEO FORUM Breakfast Meetings on the 4th of January 2019, at Ernakulam.


Hon’ble Justice A.M Shaffique, Judge, High Court of Kerala inaugurated the CEO FORUM Breakfast Meetings for the year 2019. Delivering the Inaugural Address, Justice Shaffique spoke on the turbulence that the State is witnessing on account of the various harthals being organized. He lamented the fact that these strikes are causing incalculable harm to the Economy of our State. He called on the Business Community to come up with innovative ideas to counter these hartals and also called on them to stand together in the fight against this outdated method of protest. He commended the Chamber on its initiative the CEO Forum Breakfast Meetings which creates a platform for businessmen to interact and dialogue with one another while also acknowledging and acclaiming those who have achieved success through innovative ideas and excellence.


Ms. Lakshmi Menon, Founder – Pure Living was the Guest Speaker for the 1st Session. Ms. Menon spoke about her out of the box ideas and innovations that have brought about change in the society. Ms. Menon, was behind the conceptulisation of Ammommathiri/ Wicksdom which was a project designed to provide a livelihood for the underprivileged elderly through crowdsourcing, the now famous Chekutty dolls which have become the mascot of Kerala’s resilience, post the floods, and a few of her upcoming projects. She explained to the audience, what provoked her to take up these projects and how she came up with her ideas to execute those projects. She also spoke about the hurdles she faced from the time she mooted these ideas through its implementation. Some of the other initiatives spearheaded by her include bags for the Regional Cancer Centre, the Waterbulb in Bhopal, Paper Pens containing seeds, and the Orange Alert road signs.


Mr. V. Venugopal, President of the Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry delivered the Welcome Address and introduced the Speakers.


Mr. K. Harikumar, Vice President of the Cochin Chamber, Proposed the Vote of Thanks


The session was attended by 40 CEOs from different verticals of the Trade and Commerce.



The session concluded with a Networking Breakfast.