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Workshop on Corporate Excellence - The Kaizen Way




9 am - 5:30 pm


Vantage Point, Hotel Abad Plaza, M.G. Road, Ernakulam

The Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry conducted a one day Workshop on “Corporate Excellence – The Kaizen Way,” on Friday, 26th October 2018 at Hotel Abad Plaza, Ernakulam. The trainer for the session was Mr. Mark Antony Sequeira, Master Trainer & CEO – Maestro HR Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.


The intention in conducting the Workshop was to provide an insight on how Kaizen should be implemented and lived at all levels for the survival and growth of Organizations. Kaizen is the strategy for achieving continuous improvement in all functions of an organization. It focuses on improving the process rather than achieving particular results.


The Welcome Address was delivered by Ms. Archana A K, Intern, Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The session began with the history of Kaizen and the two important aspects that define Kaizen namely people management and process management. This session also included interesting experiments.


This was followed by a session on the umbrella concept of Kaizen and what all parameters come under it. Mr. Sequeira also asked the participants to share their knowledge about these parameters. It also covered the key concepts of Kaizen and what should be the aim of a Kaizen organization. The session also looked into situations where Kaizen becomes ineffective.


The next session commenced with the PDCA concept of Kaizen. It also focussed on the prime factor of Kaizen – Energy - and the four factors of energy. It also explained the Kaizen Model of Continuous Improvement. Mr. Sequeira asked the participants to point out a main problem they are facing in their respective organisations and explain it on the basis of Kaizen Model.


In the final session Mr. Sequeira depicted the difference between the  Kaizen Way and the Usual Way in leading a company through a crisis. He also explained in detail the Kaizen 5S framework.


The participants unanimously agreed that they found the session extremely useful and they were motivated to achieve more in their workplace.


Ms. Vani, Intern, Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry delivered the Vote of Thanks.


Mr. Sequeira handed over the participation certificates to the attendees.


The session, attended by 20 participants, concluded by 5:30 pm with a team photoshoot.