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4th Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Memorial Lecture




17.30 hrs - 20.00 hrs


Grand Ball Room - Hotel Abad Plaza






 The Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry organized the 4th Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Memorial Lecture on Friday the 12th of October 2018. The Speaker at the Lecture was Dr. P. Namperumalsamy, one of the founding members of Aravind Eye Care System, Maduari. Dr. Namperumalsamy is also a long time close associate of Dr. Kalam.


The Cochin Chamber in 2015, following the demise of Dr. Kalam, started this lecture series to commemorate the life and values of one of India’s greatest sons. The Chamber organizes the Lecture each year to coincide with the Birth Anniversary of Dr. Kalam.


Mr. V. Venugopal, the President of the Cochin Chamber, delivered the Welcome Address and introduced the Speaker. Mr. Venugopal outlined the history of the Chamber and its functions and also touched upon the values that Dr. Kalam held dear throughout his life especially his love for the younger generation.


Mr. A.K. Nair, Past President of the Cochin Chamber, adorned Dr. Namperumalsamy with a ponnada as a gesture of welcome.


Dr. Namperumalsamy, addressed the participants on, “Dr. Kalam’s Values and Social Entrepreneurship.” Dr. Namperumalsamy elaborated on the first hand experiences that he had with Dr. Kalam on several occasions and explained the importance of holding on to the traditions & values inherent in our society and the need to pass them on to the future generations. Dr. Namperumalsamy spoke on how Dr. Kalam influenced him to improve the quality of the services provided by Aravind Hospital Group. He said that Dr. Kalam always pushed everyone to do better in their field of expertise. Dr. Namperumalsamy said “He (Dr. Kalam) would not ask about our achievements, but instead questioned why something more had not been done.” Dr. Kalam was always striving for greater excellence, he said.


Dr. Namperumalsamy said that he had been able to incorporate these values in his line of work and the hospital and that it had delivered amazing results in the services rendered to the public. He stressed the need for developing Social Entrepreneurship in the service of humanity without worrying about commercial profitability. He explained how the Aravind Group had achieved.


Mr. C.S. Kartha, Past President of the Cochin Chamber, presented a charcoal portrait of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam as a Memento to Dr. Namperumalsamy.


Mr. K. Harikumar, Vice-President of the Chamber, delivered the Vote of Thanks.


The programme was attended by over 150 participants including representatives from Industry and Business Schools.