Objective of Internship:

The Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry(CCCI) aims to come up with reports that contain relevant data on the Economy of Kerala/Cochin which in turn will make the Cochin Chamber to be known as the "Knowledge Chamber" of the State. Through this we intend to position the Chamber as a one stop place where a person can find all the data related to the State and City.

Who can apply as an intern?

Any individual who is genuinely interested in research can apply as an intern with CCCI.

We require interns in the following areas;

1) MBA-Marketing, HR, International Business, Hospitality and Finance

2) Accountancy

3) Corporate Law

4) Social media

5) Information Technology

6) Content Development

7) Logistics Management

Classification of work:

1) Primary job will be to start building the database for the Chamber

2)To prepare research reports (eg: Market research) on request for our clients/members

3) The candidate has full freedom to choose the topic of his interest/curriculum but needs to be relevant for CCCI members

What we expect?

The potential for such reports is huge and we understand that in today's world information is the key.

The study can actually be a Data Mining process wherein data that is relevant and focused on the State's economy can be gathered and collated. This can be a general one on the performance of various sectors like agriculture, industry, medical, fishing, mining etc. The report can be presented highlighting the facts with figures and its representations or

The Chamber has over 200 Companies as our Members. We are also providing the intern/school with the option to opt available internships that will be done in association with our Member Companies.


Purely based on the topic selected.

Why should you intern with CCCI?

1) Association with one of the oldest Chambers of Commerce in the country.

2) Opportunity to interact with Industry/Trade of Cochin.

3) Your work will be acknowledged by providing you with a certificate which adds on credibility to your resume.

4) A knowledge pathway through which you get to know and understand the various functional departments of a company.

5) A chance to be part of a Government-Industry interface.

Contact Number : 0484 2668650/2668349

Mobile : +919895676827,+919744629992

E-mail :

Contact Person: Mr. Manu Varghese, Mr. Thomas Sebastian